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1" Fighter ships
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Fleetscale Fighters
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SST Earth Fleet
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Trekkers-Genocide Game

Welcome to the Studio Bergstrom Online Store!

All prices are in U.S. Dollars without Postage, so please include your full address so I can calculate shipping! I prefer shipping by United States Postal Service and have found that both First Class and Priority Flat Rate boxes are both quick and economical. Not all products include flight stands nor mounting holes, but they are listed separately under accessories. I will drill Holes ONLY if stands are purchased. All miniatures shown are sold unpainted. Studio Bergstrom is supporting the Ad Astra Squadron Strike tourney at the Origins Convention this March 2010, where you could win a Hive Assault Group!

Special offers

Impenetrable Super Heavy Destroyer
Impenetrable Super Heavy Destroyer
$7.50 USD
Fleet Deal - Assault Group
Fleet Deal - Assault Group
$30.00 USD
Fleet Deal - Royal Swarm
Fleet Deal - Royal Swarm
$37.50 USD
Fleet Deal - Attack Swarm
Fleet Deal - Attack Swarm
$37.50 USD
Fleet Deal - Battle Swarm
Fleet Deal - Battle Swarm
$37.50 USD


1" Fighter ships [34]:
Zylons | Galactics | Scythe Empire | Renegade Alliance | Independant factions
1" Miniature Starships [25]:
1" Space Stations [8]:
Accessories [4]:
Battlestations! [105]:
Galactics | Zylons | Card Hessians | Star Warp Gate Universe | Scythe Empire | Renegade Alliance | Rocketz Red | R.O.M.s | Andromedans | Sing-Ons | Massive Evacuation | F. E. D.s | Manta-Lorians
Fleetscale Fighters [150]:
Renegade Alliance | Galactic forces | Scythe Empire | Zylons | Hive Infestation | Star Warp Gate Universe | Future Frontier | Freespace | Stellar Explorers
Future Frontier Models Future Frontier Models [49]:
Zaurak Empire | Terran Authority | O.R.C.De. F. | Accessories
Hive Empire [20]:
Fighters & Drones | Capitol Ships | Escort Ships | Mega-Sized Battleships
Irrational Designs Irrational Designs [22]:
Murustan | Ngaksu | Xuvaxi | Aratouk
J`Guairre Fleet J`Guairre Fleet [14]:
SemiLucid Studios SemiLucid Studios [22]:
Shadow Weaver Designs Shadow Weaver Designs [62]:
Parts & Upgrades
SST Earth Fleet [6]:
Star Warp Gate [10]:
The Auran Dominate The Auran Dominate [21]:
Auran Wings-N-Weapons
The Retroverse The Retroverse [4]:
Trekkers-Genocide Game Trekkers-Genocide Game [4]:


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