Inverter 1-3/8” H x 1-1/4”W x 5/32” thick (35mm H x 32mm W x 4mm thick) is cast in no-lead #92 Britannia Pewter and includes my patented 1” Hex Versi-Base(tm)

The Inverter is a slow moving vehicle, which flies 4 spaces ignoring any orientation and all terrain (except extra 3D obstacles), and vehicles. This vehicle can change direction up to 90 degrees without penalty. It disintegrates enemy vehicles by flying over them, but has no ranged weapons. This vehicle can Line-of-Sight spot for another vehicle's attack telemetry for up to a radius of 10 spaces. The armor on this is 3-3-3 (Front-Side-Rear.)

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EG - Inverter

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