Scout/mine-layer (cycle) 11/16” L x 5/32 W x 1/4” H (17mm L x 4mm W x 6mm H) is cast in no-lead #92 Britannia Pewter

The Scout moves 7 spaces, and can ignore turning rules to change direction 45 or 90 degrees without penalty, but needs one space to make a 180 degree turn. With the exception of moving diagonally they travel on the inside lines of the area. It absorbs power-ups by passing next to or over a gem, but needs this to power a mine. They lay mines on adjacent spaces they pass, or one moved diagonally across. The Scout player keeps a written record of mine locations, and reveals their detonation to other player as the enemy pass over them (except flying vehicles.) This vehicle has an armor of 0-0-0 (Front-Side-Rear no armor), ,and a gun of 1, but can add its gun in an attack if oriented properly. The Scout can move between two obstacles (diagonally or butted up against each other.) Scouts can sight between diagonally adjacent obstacles (as well as move through their gaps), and shoot through them as well. Scout can be CPU (Command Vehicle to destroy for victory), and as such can resurrect any missing vehicle with power-up (which appears at its original position.)

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EG - Scout-Bike

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