This is the Deluxe Electron Gladiators Game set with a 14oz No Curl Vinyl Game Board (printed on one side only), and includes the two sets of 11 acrylic obstacles for use with the basic set of unpainted miniatures cast in no-lead #92 Britannia Pewter:

- 4ea Inverter

- 2ea Heavy Tank2

- 4ea Heavy Tank1

- 4ea Medium Tank2

- 6ea Medium Tank1

- 10ea Light Tank

- 4ea Scout Bike

- 4ea Mosquito Drone

The rules will always be free for downloading. When this product is out of stock, it will need to be pre-Ordered since I have to order them from the printer in large quantities to help keep the costs down, and will have a 1-2 week lead time to be shipped. Specify your preference of color of the obstacles: Amber, Purple, Dark Blue, or Light Blue as a comment.

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Electron Gladiators Deluxe Game

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