• Volcain Eridani's Forge

Volcain Eridani's Forge is the most common ship used in the fleet. These simple ships are usually used for scientific exploration since their limited design only allows enough crew and equipment for long voyages where the edge of the Galaxy may be where they will be for long periods of time. They have found that such non-threatening looking ships like this rarely provokes any new race to attack. The rare occasions when they are overwhelmed by aggressive races with superior numbers will show they have one last trick up their sleeve, a powerful self-destruct fail-safe that leaves a lasting impression on would be victors! Approximately - 2-1/2"L x 5/8"W x 11/16"H (63mmL x 16.4mmW 17.8mmH) Assembly required, and 1” Hex metal flight stand is not included.

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Volcain Eridani's Forge

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