This stealthy little fleet-scale 3-being fighter can infiltrate, seek and destroy without warning at the behest of their invisible shape-changing masters! When these hunt in packs, no convoy or single starship that brushes close to the Dominican territory. These can break atmosphere and maneuver as well as they do in open space with their unique gravitic drives. The Sing-On, F.E.D.s, R.O.M.s, Fungiri, Andromedans, and many more have suffered from losses from this savage race, so they have all placed outrageous bounties on capturing even a single one of these elusive fighters in order to both steal their technology as well as figure out a way to defeat them. These are cast in no-lead pewter; ~3/4"L x 7/16"W x 3/32"H (19mmL x 10.7mmW x 2mmH) 4 each unpainted, and include my patented 1” hex Versi-Base.

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Dominican Star-Bug fighter (4ea)

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