• Kyra`mode Battle Carrier

The Kyra`mode Battle Carrier is the pride of the Fleet, with the command structure coordinating the battles and 4 for`ard heavy weapons and two aft swivel mounts in the rear to provide area coverage. These bulk cruisers have devastating energy weapons that surpass any of their opponents weapons, and are fiercely protected by a swarm of support capital ships. But the focus of the ship is to launch the fighters and coordinate all of the ships in the fleet to maximize response-time in every battle, almost slaving the ships to their Admiral's will as they sweep in and destroy all in their path. Without one of these to coordinate a battle the fleet becomes less effective and ships tend to overlap their attacks. Kit includes: a body, starboard cover-plate, 2 side wings, and 2 rear guns: 2-3/4" (70.4mm) High x ~1-5/8" (43mm) deep x 1-1/8" (29mm) Wide.

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Kyra`mode Battle Carrier

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