• Inquisitor Heavy Star Cruiser

The Inquisitor Heavy Star Cruiser is the big bully of the star-lanes, and the second responder to any calls from the local system Dreadnoughts and Corvettes. The ships are equipped to assault in space or planets, with plenty of Turbo Lasers, Ion Cannons, and mass drivers. If anything is left intact they can pull it into the belly hanger with a tractor beam to quell what resistance is left with crack shock troops. The hanger can deploy all sorts of fighters, troop transports, missile boats, and other assorted attack craft. these ships are not to be trifled with... This ship has a resin body with a cast no-lead pewter bridge and three engine bells (assembly required.) The dimensions are: 3-1/8"L x 1-3/4"W x 7/8"H (80mm x 44.5mmW x 22mmH) (1" plastic hex stand sold separately)

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Inquisitor Heavy Star Cruiser

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