• Praetor Pocket Destroyer

Praetor Pocket Destroyer: 3/4"L x ~1"W x 3/16 to 1/2"H (depending on wing position) (19mmL x 25.4mmW x 4.75-12.7mmH) (Mini does not include a 1" hex black plastic flight stand) The Praetor is the Sing-On equivalent of a mini-sledgehammer, a lot of punishment in a small package. This up-gunned and overpowered little ship has a reputation of taking on ships ten-times its size... And winning! Like most of the Sing-Ons this little ship is all business and not to be trifled with. It is equipped with a cloaking device that allows it to go undetected until it is too late, for the enemy that is. For every ally that this race has made over time (and betrayed) there are two races that fear them. Tread lightly in the galaxy, for you never know when they will surprise you! This model has wings that can be gently positioned up or down.

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Praetor Pocket Destroyer

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