• Sing-On K-16 Wraith scout 1:3125 scale

The Sing-On K-16 Wraith scout is a sneaky little escort that seeks out quadrants and reports back about enemy positions, activities, outposts, new colonies, and other intelligence. This ship possesses little real weaponry, but has a cloaking device that renders it almost invisible to sensors and visual scans. Its main purpose is gathering intel, but in a pinch it is able to outmaneuver and fly most ships of equal size. The sister ship K-15 Shadow is the only ship equal to this little monster, and it is recommended that if you encounter one to shoot first before you lose track of the little buggers. This unpainted 1:3125 scale ship is approximately 1-5/8" (42.5mm) long, in 2 pieces, and does not include a 1" hex black plastic flight stand.

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Sing-On K-16 Wraith scout 1:3125 scale

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