• Mothership Saucer

The Mothership Saucer is the Queen of the alien armada! If you’ve spotted one, it is already too late! Full of mysterious aliens and their weird technology (and medical probes.) Whole fleets have been known to disappear after reporting a sighting of these ships, with some of their crew re-appearing months later with no memory or their encounter in sectors far from their patrol route and a strange request for a year’s supply of “Preparation-H”. It is suspected that they behave like their smaller cousins by moving in sharp vector movements and slinging plasma-like bolts. Be afraid, or remember to be afraid! This is ~1-3/8”Dia x 5/16”H (~35mm Dia x 8mm H) (unpainted, and mounting hole added if 1" plastic base is ordered separately).

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Mothership Saucer

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