• Dread Class Destroyer

The 1-1/4” (30mm) long Dread Class Destroyer for $2.50 each, instead of the original price of $4.00 each without a base! The Dread Class came into service during the days of the Grand Republic and was amongst the largest and most powerful vessels in the Grand Republic Navy. Although moderately armed, the Dread Class is sluggish in both Hyperspace and Sub-light, and the hull and shields are weak for a ship of its size. As they made little to no use of droids, Dreads used to require over 16,000 crew. Today the Scythe Navy can send each along with only a handful of crews and run each with droids. With a windfall of almost 200 of these from the lost Katana Fleet, the Renegade Alliance who captured and refitted a few dozens of these ships is in for some serious trouble.

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Dread Class Destroyer

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