The Empire's first attempt to build a true Battleship was not a triumph of elegance or efficiency. But, there is something about this mighty flying brick that many fans of starship combat games adore! The L13 carries a frightening array of disruptors, torpedoes and drones, but no Empire could never build a warp core large enough to power them all, and keep up with the rest of their fleet. Various experimental conversions to fighter carriers and 'milch cow' raider tenders kept the L13 in service long after its front-line value as a ship-of-the-line had passed. This 1:3125 scale big-ature (it's too large to be a miniature!) makes a great centerpiece for any Empire's fleet. This 1:3125 scale ship has a cast in resin body and head stock, with no-lead pewter nacelles, belly-gun, and engine (6 parts total); ~3-13/16"L x 1-13/16"W x 1-5/8"H (97mmL x 46mmW x 41mmH) unpainted, and flight stand is not included.

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WS L13 'Fatman' Battleship 1:3125

  • Product Code: WS D18-B Class Frigate 1:3125
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  • $18.00