The Ptolemy class is the most common of the F.E.D.'s many Transport / Tug designs, intended to haul massive loads of materials, colonists, personnel, and even livestock to dangerous sectors that cannot safely have commercial carriers. This version is a 'Armed Transport' variant, fitted with the twin photon pods designed for the Achernar class. This enabled the Ptolemy class to defend itself more ably, during the F.E.D.'s long Zodiac War with the Sing-On Empire. The transport modules can be fitted with 2x1mm rare earth magnets, to let you add a secondary cargo modules. The basic kit includes the main and secondary hull/cargo pod, a rear cargo pod (and 2 rare earth magnets), and two nacelles. These are all unpainted, cast in no lead pewter, and the 1" flight stand is not included.

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WS Ptolemy Transport 1:3125

  • Product Code: WS Ptolemy Transport 1:3125
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