The Achernar class of Combat Cruiser was a stop-gap effort to give the F.E.D. battle formations some much-needed additional firepower at the height of their four-year Zodiac War conflict with the Sing-On Empire. This variant ship added the "Electronic Counter Measure" dish to help aid the combat efforts, either solo or in the heat of battle since they were tuned to affect the enemy's sensors without disrupting their allies ships. The ECM dish was also capable of granting increased sensor data to gather intel at a longer distance to give ships patrol sectors larger than normal and reduce needed patrols. When this 'War Cruiser' Achernar was retired from the war, many were used as science and exploration vessels. This unpainted ship is cast in 4 parts in no lead pewter and a resin secondary hull, ~2-5/16"L x 1-5/16"W x 15/16"H (58.7mmL x 33mmW x 24mmH)

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WS Achernar ECM Cruiser 1:3788

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