Mosquito (air support) 3/4” L x 7/8” W x 3/8” H (19mm L x 23mm W x 9mm H) is cast in no-lead #92 Britannia Pewter and includes my patented 1” Hex Versi-Base(tm)

This drone moves up to 5 spaces, and absorbs power-up by passing next to or over a gem or vehicle and shows this by placing a chip under its base (donor vehicle friend/ foe may not move for 2 turns afterward, mark by turning upside down.) It needs this to power a bomb, but no turn limit of when it needs to use this, and drops a bomb to destroy a vehicle by passing over enemy. This vehicle ignores all turning rules and can change direction 180 degrees without penalty, as long as it is done first. It has an armor rating of 0-0-0 (Front-Side-Rear no armor), a Gun of 1 with a Line-of-Sight Range 6, and can aid in an attack despite any orientation. Mosquito attack against another Mosquito has the same attack/range restrictions (no movement that turn other than orientation.) Mosquito can spot 360 degrees around its location for a radius of 8 spaces. Cannot be attacked by any vehicle if they moved that turn.

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EG - Mosquito Drone

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